Life isn't perfect....but your outfit can be.
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About Us

The Bluetique is a sister store to the Blue Iris, a unique floral & gift shoppe, opened in 1998. When one door shuts, another opens. A devastating fire in June, 2011 did not shut my doors but opened many more doors affording me the opportunity to become more involved with my passion for fashion and marketing. From the ashes came new and exciting challenges as we rebuilt the floral and gift shoppe and expanded to a larger, nearby store offering an extensive inventory of fashionable attire at the Bluetique. A nightmare became a dream, and now we want to allow more people to get to know us through our online shopping website,

With heartfelt appreciation, the opportunity to assist our loyal customers in our store has been wonderful; and we will continue to be there for our retail friends. “” new online website opens yet another door, a venture to which I am very proud. Your online shopping experience with us will come with passionate vision to be more diversified and accessible to you. Together we can make online shopping for those statement pieces that inspire women out first! Our goal is to have a cyber destination where warm, personal service is extraordinary. WELCOME…